Shapetime Mango Stick (20pc x 75g)

Shapetime™ is a new functional dairy brand offering a range of dairy products to modern- minded people pursuing a healthy lifestyle. A genuine European product, it embodies naturalness and simplicity with a focus on quality, nutritive value, taste and convenience.


This ice cream made of frozen fruit purée is equally popular with both children and adults. Boasting zero fat, low calories and natural ingredients, it is the ultimate healthy treat, coming in five different flavours.


The perfect frozen dessert for health-driven consumers, each Shapetime stick has:

- 0% Fat

- Low Calories

- Vegan

- No Artificial Flavours

- No Artificial Colours 


  • $3.90 each
  • 20 sticks per carton

Shapetime Mango Stick (20pc x 75g)